Getting cold feet…

There is a fictional Sufi character called Nasruddin found in the folklore of Middle East and India, and as I struggle with my dilemma, I remember a tale, involving Nasruddin, that resonates with my present situation perfectly –

Nasruddin was about to get married.  So, when the auspicious day arrived, he set out with his father for the bride’s house. As was customary, the groom had to visit the bride’s house, riding a horse. But, Nasruddin was poor and he only had a mule. No one would lend him a horse, so his father insisted that, instead of going barefoot, Nasruddin should ride the mule, they owned. Nasruddin agreed.

On their way, people saw Nasruddin riding a mule, while his old father was walking barefoot. They taunted – “what kind of a son lets his old father walk barefoot while he comfortably rides a mule?” Feeling embarrassed, Nasruddin got off the mule and made his father sit on it. They had only gone a few steps ahead when they heard some other people whispering: “look at that selfish old man. He couldn’t spare the mule, even on his son’s wedding day!”. On hearing this, the dad suggested that Nasurddin should mount the mule too, along with him. Nasruddin agreed. This time some people sneered at them: “Just look at those big guys weighing down the mule. The poor creature will surely die today!” Now, there was only one option left – both, Nasruddin and his father, started walking alongside the mule. However, even this didn’t save them from being criticized. People started making fun of them: “look at those stupid guys. They own a mule and yet they are walking barefoot”.


Moral of the story: one simply cannot avoid criticism!

I remembered this tale because the things I intend to write on this blog, although being related to meditation, are pretty personal and bizarre, and I’m already getting cold feet, thinking about the potential snide remarks and criticisms. May be people wouldn’t notice my posts, or may be they would, and think that I’m a nut case. Or, may be they’ll think I’m an egoist craving for attention and praise (which, to be honest, could be true. Who doesn’t like a few ‘likes’ and encouraging comments on their blog, eh?). May be, I should keep my blog posts private or start writing a diary again (…and be isolated in my shell with no window for a fresh breeze, huh?). May be I’m thinking too much. There are too many may be’s and the only way out, it seems, is to have faith, take the dive, and see what the experience is like, for myself…

In the mean while, here’s something I need to dwell upon…



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