Ignorance and Truth…


Our sense organs act as gateways for different kinds of sensations. These sensations may be perceived as pleasant or unpleasant by the brain, which then creates a craving for pleasurable sensations (also called the dopamine craving). Some individuals seek pleasure in sensations of taste, sight or touch, while others seek pleasure in more subtle forms such as satisfaction through achievement of goals, where the brain quickly associates achievement of goals with assurance of actual rewards like praise, food, or rest – thereby generating a feeling of satisfaction.

However, the brain can also be manipulated to perceive a particular sensation in many different ways, for example: perception of a hot object as being cold, if suggested so, during hypnosis or experience of pleasure from painful stimuli, as seen in some cases of Psychosis. This indicates that a particular experience is closely related not only to the actual event, but also to the perception and interpretation of that event, which, in turn, is affected by – the state of awareness (normal, dreaming, psychotic, or hypnotized, etc.).

Furthermore, even the non-perception of sensation is associated with different sets of feelings, depending upon the situation, for example – a feeling of emptiness or numbness during phases of extreme grief or a feeling of bliss or physical nonexistence during complete stillness of mind, body, and breathing, in deeper states of meditation. Not surprisingly, even these feelings are closely related to the state of awareness, which is affected during phases of grief, as well as, meditation.


The state of awareness seems to be the single most important factor linking all kinds of sensations, experiences, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.

However, there is yet another important aspect that needs due attention.

The non-perception of sensation does not necessarily imply non-existence of sensation!

The sensation may be present but it is simply not perceived (or not perceived accurately) due to one of the many factors listed above.


Ignorance does not necessarily imply absence or non-existence of knowledge; rather it indicates the condition of being unaware of the presence of knowledge – very much in the same way – as darkness does not necessarily indicate the absence of Sun.


Knowledge is attained through perception and interpretation of sensations, which, in turn, are affected by the state of awareness. Therefore one cannot deny the possibility that in higher states of awareness, knowledge that had been previously elusive or hidden, may reveal itself to the seeker. Therefore instead of trying to understand myself and God through knowledge, my goal should be to :

Rise above the clouds of ignorance and reach higher states of awareness…

Maybe then, the Sun will reveal itself!


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