Kundalini Experiences – part 2


My initial Kundalini experiences were marked with a lot of turmoil. Spontaneous body movements (kriyas), although new and unusual, weren’t particularly frightening. Dreams, on the other hand, became a major source of concern. They were suddenly becoming more violent and scary. Since, at that time, I had very few resources to get insight on dreams I would often wonder if such dreams were an ominous sign. However, now that I reflect upon those dreams, they seem to indicate a certain pattern and purpose.

Within a month or so, after my initiation, I started seeing dreams where I would either be killing someone or else getting killed myself. The first two dreams involved me being the killer, shooting and stabbing a man, but subsequently I became the victim. Each night, before sleep, I would sit for meditation, fall asleep while meditating, and then wake up abruptly to realize that I had just died in a dream. However, the type of death was never the same, ranging from getting shot by a bullet, stabbed by a knife, pushed down from a castle, to getting drowned in water. Nevertheless, the most painful death I ever experienced was that of being burnt in flames. I have no idea how it actually feels in reality but if my dream had any indication of truth then burning must be one of the most terrible forms of death. Words cannot describe how horrible it was… I am getting Goosebumps even as I write about it!

God bless such victims…

Thankfully such dreams stopped within 7-10 days, though, not before raising questions about my own integrity as a non-violent human being. Those dreams forced me to ponder whether any violent tendencies were still hidden in my subconscious. The only thought that consoled me was that – may be Kundalini was relieving me of my accumulated karma by getting rid of it in my dreams rather than having me suffer its consequences in real life.

Within a few days, the nature of my dreams changed. Now, I would often see old historical buildings in my dreams, none of which I had ever seen in real life. Although those dreams were only about old buildings yet their tone remained a bit dark and creepy. For example – once I saw a dream where I found myself in a huge compound which was surrounded by four rectangular buildings on each side. As I attempted to enter one building I found that its gate was stacked, up to half its height, with human skulls and bones. Similarly, in a less threatening dream, I saw a multi-storeyed old architecture with a huge well in the center and in yet another – a well which had stairs around it to reach the top, where two live snakes were sitting.

Interestingly, I have had many dreams of snakes and such dreams were often set in surroundings that seemed ‘out of this world’. I have seen dreams of a two-headed snake, a bigger black snake swallowing a smaller one, me grabbing a snake by its mouth, and I even got swallowed by a huge Anaconda in my dream (though I managed to tear my way out of its body using a knife). However, none compares to the one I describe below –

In one dream I found myself running through a dark cave which was crawling with snakes (as if a pitch dark cave wasn’t frightening enough). As I tried to find my way out of that cave, snakes bit me on my legs and hands repeatedly. Although, getting bitten once or twice isn’t particularly painful but imagine getting bitten again and again…. Each bite left a lingering diffused pain and soon my hands and legs were completely sore. When, I finally managed to come out of the cave I saw that it opened on a ridge, very high up a mountain. To my horror, right in front of the ridge was yet another snake, extremely tall and gigantic with multiple heads, looking down upon me. Then I immediately saw myself dissociated from my body, witnessing it from a distance as a spectator and staring at my other self standing in front of that serpent. At that moment, I finally woke up but not before getting that dream permanently imprinted on my memory. Needless to say, this dream was possibly the scariest of all!

Thankfully, not all those ‘out of this world’ dreams were scary, some were pleasant too. In one such dream I saw myself floating on a cushion of clouds, travelling over a huge white waterfall which led to a river. I could see the ensuing mist rising high above the white river which was flowing at enormous speed. My whole body seemed refreshed in that dream; even my soul felt quenched. I think that there was surely something mystical about that dream because I felt tranquil for days after seeing it.

In another dream I saw a beautiful lake surrounded by 5-6 mountains, with a piece of land in its center, on which I was standing. Below the lake were some small submerged temples, each located at the base of a mountain, along with numerous, glowing colorful gems. In yet another dream, I saw myself floating down a huge crack in the ground and saw multiple zones or layers of underground life as I went deeper within the ground. Sometimes I would even see myself discovering hidden treasures in underground caves.

However, there was one specific dream that was entirely different from all the others I had previously seen. In that dream, I was falling from a height. But, in a split second, before I hit the ground, I woke up in my bed, relieved to find that I was just dreaming! But then, almost instantaneously, I woke up again (still in the bed but this time in the real world) only to understand that when I previously woke up to realize I was dreaming, I was seeing another dream. What I mean to say is – I saw a dream within a dream, similar to those shown in the movie ‘Inception’, except that my dream happened much earlier. Recently, I have been seeing a few more of such ‘layered’ dreams.

Subsequently, there was a huge hiatus in my spiritual practices during which neither did I witness any extraordinary dreams nor do I remember any other dreams. Since the last year, however, I have been having dreams where I would be flying, crossing rivers, or being chased by wild animals. A few months back I dreamt of seeing a lion at a distance of about 20 feet from me and yet it didn’t generate fear; in fact that lion did see me but chose to royally ignore me.

More recently, since I began trying to resume meditation, my dreams have changed yet again! A couple of months back I saw a very unusual dream – I was travelling in a car, when I saw a place which seemed like an old historic palace converted into a hotel or resort. I immediately felt that I had seen this place in one or more of my previous dreams and instinctively knew about its nooks and corners. Since I had already seen a lot of historical buildings in my previous dreams this palace could have easily been one of those which I had forgotten about. However, what makes this dream unusual is that till now I have never had a dream where I could actually remember previous dreams while still being in a dream. Think about it – If people could remember previous dreams, while still being in a dream wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to differentiate between a nightmare and reality, in case they see a particular nightmare again and again? But the question is – how often does it happen, if at all? Anyways, I searched the internet about such dreams and found that they have some connection to lucid dreaming.

Finally the last but the most intriguing set of dreams – Dreams that may have some relation to events that have already occurred somewhere or may occur in future! I’ll describe two of them below:

A couple of months back I saw a dream where an otter was biting the left leg of a person who was standing, about knee-deep, in water. The strange thing is that – I was watching the scene from underwater so I couldn’t see who that person was; I only saw the Otter and that person’s leg. Now, I had seen an Otter only a few times in zoo (possibly on discovery channel too), but still I didn’t really remember its fine details. So, when I woke up I was confused whether that animal was really an Otter or some other related species. The reason being – what I remembered about Otters was that they have a glistening, wet and smooth skin but the animal in my dream, which although looked like an otter, had a hairy skin. So, I searched the internet and found some images of Otter which confirmed that Otters indeed have a hairy skin. However, there was yet another problem – I had never heard of Otters attacking humans (I only remembered them as cute, playful creatures eating fishes). So when I googled the phrase ‘otter biting leg’ I was greatly surprised that there have indeed been instances where Otters attacked swimmers and even a triathlon athlete.

Finally, since there have been too many scary and violent dreams in this post I’ll wrap up by writing about a good one – I had been repeatedly seeing puppies and dogs in my dreams since around January this year and used to believe that dreaming about puppies and dogs indicate the arrival of new friends in life. However, no new friend entered my life during those days. Instead, last April a stray puppy did find its way to our home. It so happened that some stray dogs were chasing it and when, upon hearing its wailing, I came out, the puppy immediately rushed inside our house. We didn’t have the heart to throw it out because those other dogs would have definitely killed it. So we decided to adopt it and now it has become the youngest member of our family 🙂 . We’ve named it Lucky 🙂


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