Lucid Dream?

Today I saw a very unusual dream. I saw myself walking on the streets of a city where I studied for my post graduation. I wanted to revisit the locality where I used to stay but when I looked around, the things seemed a little different. For example – although it wasn’t dark yet it didn’t seem like daytime either…not even a dusk or dawn. It seemed as if the whole place was lit by a dark amber light with patches of shadows here and there.

Just when I wanted to catch a bus, I realized that I didn’t have the local currency. I panicked, but then suddenly realized that there is no need to worry because what I’m seeing is just a dream. I became so excited thinking that I could be seeing a lucid dream that I thought – “what’s the need for taking a taxi or bus when I can fly! (I remembered reading that in a lucid dream you can do anything you want….like flying). So, I jumped on the spot expecting that I would shoot in the air like a superman but unfortunately it was just the normal jump….I couldn’t fly 😦

I don’t understand….if I could realize that I was in a dream (while dreaming) then it was supposed to be lucid dream, right? Then why couldn’t I fly? Or if it wasn’t a lucid dream then how could I realize that I was seeing a dream while I was dreaming? It’s confusing!

I don’t remember what happened after that incident (the jump) but the next thing I remember is seeing myself in front of a big house or building….rather just a wall with a ventilator at about 11-12 feet high. A woman (of African origin, with a turban or cloth wrapped around her head) sneaked her head and upper body out of the ventilator and looked at me. She was holding an infant in her arm. I don’t remember how she communicated with me but I understood that she was running out of time and wanted me to save her baby by throwing it down towards me (so that I could catch it and save it). She seemed in such a hurry and desperation that I couldn’t say or do anything else. I just positioned myself, spread my arms, and signaled her to throw the baby down …and she did that!

Now here’s the strangest thing that happened…..

Till now I could never remember what I smelled in a dream even if I were wading through a smelly ditch or visiting a rose garden in my dream. It’s rather strange that I could always remember about seeing, hearing, touching or tasting something but not once could I remember what I smelled (at least not in any dream that I remember till now). But this time it was different!

As I caught the baby in my hands (taking care to support its head tenderly while I was catching her) I remembered not just seeing it’s face and the clean pink (or peach) colored towel in which it was wrapped but I also remember smelling that typical smell of baby soap or powder. It’s strange I could easily identify that smell and also remember about it even after I woke up. Also, I somehow knew that the baby was a girl….

This never happened to me before, and I keep wondering whether it is just me who doesn’t remember about smells or scents in a dream or there are other people too who cannot remember about odors or scents smelled in a dream…..


A little search on internet revealed that remembering smell in dreams is not all that rare!


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