Kundalini Letters

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Mystical Tidbits

Many of you write me, and I answer you. Occasionally, a blog will be inspired by your queries, but I do not share your questions and my answers with others. This post is an exception. It was inspired by questions from Sohumm, who has graciously given his permission for me to share our conversation with you. 

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What I understand from your reply (and also from Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s books) is that various spontaneous kriyas (and even spontaneous asanas) may be wrongly inferred as a kundalini awakening while they are just an indication of pranotthana. I also understand that until the prana enters the sushumna it cannot be called a ‘real’ Kundalini Awakening. The problem now arises – how to identify whether Prana has really entered the Sushumna?

When kundalini begins an upward ascent through the sushumna, she pulls prana along with her. Kundalini…

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