There are many truths…


There-are-many-truthsIf you have been following this blog you might have noticed that I have a huge interest in meditation and Kundalini. In fact, my primary intention behind this blog was to interact with people having similar interests. This post is dedicated to one such person who I met in this blogosphere and who was gracious enough to offer me rare insights on a complex spiritual topic. Yet, being thankful to that person is not the only reason I am writing this post.

I am writing this post because I have a strong belief that this particular person can provide spiritual seekers with much more than mere wisdom and knowledge. One might question – “how do I know this?” and in reply I can just say – “I know”. Call it intuition, empathy, or personal experience, but I know that any serious seeker on the spiritual path can immensely benefit from the person I am writing about.

I won’t mention the name of that person in this post (because I haven’t asked her permission to do so) but I am providing the link to a post which she has allowed me to reblog:

If you choose to visit her blog then I would highly recommend that you go through the ‘Experiences’ and ‘Sahaja Yoga’ pages of her blog too (especially the posts on Shaktipat)!


13 thoughts on “There are many truths…

  1. Dear Sohumm,

    Thank you for sharing this link. The person you referred to is my guru, and I have been studying with her for two years now. When it comes to Shaktipat, Kundalini, and Sahaja Yoga (natural meditation), there are few living in this world that have her experience and knowledge. I consider her my spiritual mother, and she has treated me as a beloved son. Anyone who is drawn to this path should seek her council.

    As you have mentioned, her blog contains many teachings that are difficult to find elsewhere, and she offers them freely. As you continue in this journey, I recommend revisiting them. They become more meaningful over time, as your own experience grows.

    I also recommend her biography, “Living the Mysteries.” You can find it on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. Not only does it vividly tell her own story of awakening, but it provides many indepth teachings on the subject of Kundalini and related topics.

    I wish you all the best.

    Shambhu (Arthur)


    1. Dear Shambhu,

      I wholeheartedly second your suggestion that anyone on a spiritual path would benefit immensely from Durga Ma’s counsel. I have reached out to her with my queries on several occasions and despite being a busy person she not only took time to help me with my problems but also encouraged me a lot with my sadhana.

      I do visit her site from time to time and would absolutely love if more and more people received shaktipat from her. However, I also know that nothing in this world is coincidence. Everything that happens in this world has been preplanned by God, who makes sure that the seed of ‘Shaktipat’ falls on a ‘fertile soil’ (recepient) only…”the guru appears when the disciple is ready”!

      It’s true that in present time true Gurus are rare to find…most of the so called Gurus are more interested in taking away money rather than ignorance from their disciples. In such times, it is a blessing from God that you were found by your Guru!…and by Guru I’m not just referring to the physical body of Durga Ma…I’m also referring to the “parmeshwari anugrahika shakti” (or the grace bestowing power) that works through Durga Ma ! You are indeed blessed to have found a Guru like Durga Ma!

      Shambhu, I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey. May you find everything that you are searching for in this life itself!

      Thank you for stopping by…



    1. they say…’different strokes for different folks’ 🙂 but seriously, when Kundalini awakens different types of Yogas spontaneously arise in the seeker. For ex. Asanas and pranayams (Hatha yoga), devotion (bhakti yoga) and detachment (karma yoga) etc. This the single most important reason why the awakening of Kundalini is given so much importance…


          1. The enlightenment path is an alone path.. Few understand it and even fewer follow it. My path is no better than anyone’s… Hey thanks for checking my blog… I have to remember this too will pass…


            1. I like the way how fluently you express your thoughts…and also your approach towards life. I had been going through a tough situation lately and I often reminded myself that ‘this too will pass’…But I also hope that I remember these words when good times come again too!


              1. But when the good time come you must remember the same quote.. It’s about living in the now.. Hard as heck but Eckardt Tolle says it is the best way to remain in the moment… Not thinking of what was or what will be… You are an awake soul. It’s good to find someone on the path…


                1. I agree that the real significance of the quote “this too will pass” applies only when you remember it in both bad and good times. doing so creates a certain level of detachment from the mundane (both good and bad) so that our thoughts can be fixed on matters of real significance…the purpose for which one has appeared on this plane…


                    1. haha…I so hope this didn’t happen for real 🙂 (the lottery thing)
                      I read your previous post but when you decided to stay back you made a conscious choice. They say life goes on…but for it to go on it needs a purpose. You found a new purpose when you decided to stay back on wp (although it was because of a lack of other options)…you have to do the same with your life too…find another purpose that you can devote yourself to (I’m no Guru….this is just a friendly suggestion, though I know its easier to say)….mine is
                      feel free to drop me a mail whenever you want to talk 🙂


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