Kundalini Awakening – a word of caution!


Just as a piece of paper endures several twists and folds before getting shaped into a swan, a person has to endure several restructurings before they become an ‘enlightened one’.
Just as a piece of paper endures several twists and folds before getting shaped into a swan, a person has to endure several restructurings before they become an ‘enlightened one’.

Once the Kundalini is awakened, the restructuring of your mind, attitude, and beliefs will inevitably start. Your emotions may get a rollercoaster ride and your perception towards life and relationships may change several times during the process. The events that ensue will be real life experiences, from which there is no walking away, whether you like the experiences or not! You may choose to resist the restructuring and remain in your messed up state or you may choose to endure the pain and proceed to go all the way…that choice may be yours! However, the one thing that you may have no control over is the choice to regain your original state – Just like the crumpling of paper leaves a permanent effect on its shape, the awakening of Kundalini will leave a permanent effect on your life! Even if you revisit your old life and habits you may not help but notice that for some reason they do not seem to fit in place…In effect, once the Kundalini awakens there is no going back!

Please forgive me….I’m not trying to scare people away…but, it seems Kundalini has become some kind of a new age fad! All I mean to say here is that before you go about poking pins and needles to awaken the sleeping goddess be very sure that you understand what you are getting yourself into!

(Those of us who are treading on this path may have already learnt this lesson the hard way!)


5 thoughts on “Kundalini Awakening – a word of caution!

  1. I’ve seen one man try desperately to go back to his old patterns. We, more or less, awakened together. He said that he can’t even remember if he ever felt a moment of peace prior to two years ago. I tried clawing my way forward; he tried clawing his way back. You’re right, there is no return.


    1. During a certain period in my practice I started getting the feeling of detachment from everything…I began seeing relationships and worldly pleasures with a different perspective…and I panicked! I was young and I thought it was happening all too soon, I didn’t want to become a monk at that time (not even now) so the best thing I could do was to clutch my worldly life even more tightly! All these years I have been trying to do the same but even when enjoying different things I would be questioning myself “what am I doing?”…..Lately I’ve been getting a feeling that my efforts are futile…and the only way possible is bracing myself up to move forwards…come what may….
      Hey, thanks for your comment!

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    1. They also say – “live every moment fully”… how should one live moments of despair and hopelessness fully, especially when one gets an entire stock of such moments lined up for them? I guess you already know the answer – “this too shall pass”….so, you are going on the right track friend, keep going…cheers!


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