It’s a Magical Night!

Tears have drenched my cheeks and yet I feel it is my conscience that has been washed clear!

Writing this blog was one of the many techniques I had been using to get my spiritual practices back on track,… and believe me – from searching Internet to using music with binaural beats, I tried them all. It’s true that reliving my previous spiritual experiences by writing about them in this blog indeed gave me a lot of motivation but today I can’t deny that somewhere during the process it also gave me a rush of ego boost. I have to admit that my previous post had traces of that bruised ego and I feel ashamed and sorry for behaving in such a manner. Please forgive me – I’m still a 35 years old kid who is stumbling every now and then while learning to walk this path.

Of course, this is not the only reason I am writing this post at 3 in the morning. Something happened today…and I found my way inside! I was returning home after a long time and I had forgotten which key opens the door. I searched for that key in various different places – books, websites, forums, music, blogs, and what not! And guess what, the door was not even locked!

There is no further reason for me to continue writing about my spiritual experiences in this blog but I don’t want to leave my work unfinished too. I still intend to write the final two posts in the Kundalini Experiences series of this blog….provided I feel motivated enough. Of course, I’m not going anywhere…wordpress will still remain my favorite hangout on the web and you will occasionally see an artistic picture and quote whenever my creative urges overflow 🙂

However, before, I end this post I want to share an excerpt from the book – ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ by Swami Rama. (Swami Rama is referring to his Guru as ‘master’)


I have just started reading this book today but I got the message bold and clear. Thank you so much for sending your guidance when it was much-needed – again, in your own unique way! 🙂


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