Wuthering Heights

I-cannot-live-without-my-life---Wuthering-heightsI was a seventh or an eighth grader when I first read ‘Wuthering Heights’. It was not the kind of novel I would have usually chosen, unless other options were unavailable, but I’m glad I did! By the time I finished reading that novel, I was in complete awe. The raw and vengeful love, portrayed in ‘Wuthering Heights’, was largely unknown me, and yet it had a magnetism that was both alluring and frightening, at the same time.

However, when I watched the cinematic adaptation (the 1992 version) of the novel, it was its music that bowled me over. The soulful compositions of Ryuichi Sakamoto (especially with the flute), tore through my heart! Unfortunately, the individual soundtracks were only a few seconds to a couple of minutes long. I could always organize them into a playlist to listen continuously, but there was another problem. Due to the requirements of the movie scenes, certain pieces in the soundtracks were made a bit jarring, which tended to disrupt the flow. I was only interested in specific pieces of music but they were interspersed over a half a dozen soundtracks and listening, only to those individual pieces (without the unwanted bits in between), was a bit of a trouble. So, as a solution to my problem, I merged my favorite music pieces into one large soundtrack, added some extra loops and effects to the soundtrack, and while I was at it, I created its music video too! That was my first (and probably the last attempt) at music/video editing. I must say that, although the final result didn’t turn out too bad, it could have been done better. You can check out that video below (the last couple of minutes are a tad better than the rest of the medley).


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