What will be the first thing to happen when GOD is found?

Probably, the race to COPYRIGHT the GOD…! 😛

One may think that by sharing the words and images of saints one is actually spreading the love of God ….but, in reality one is supposed to be doing a ‘crime’ and one is prohibited from doing that ‘crime’, unless one pays a certain tax to the owner or the businessmen who claim to own that saint.

I have read several spiritual e books over Internet and I have bought such books from market and gifted them to others too, but all this while I could never understand the furore and threatening over copyright issues where words/images of saints and enlightened beings are concerned!

Almost all the saints preach DETACHMENT and NON-POSSESSION to others and yet we get to see many modern ‘saints’ (or their multi-million dollar organizations) threatening people over copyright (or OWNERSHIP) issues ! On one hand, those ‘saints’ would preach that nothing in this world is yours…not even your body (because even your body is derived from the cells of your parents) and, on the other hand, those same so-called ‘saints’ (or the people surrounding those ‘saints’) would make your life a living hell if you dare to encroach upon their carefully drafted copyright claims!

Nevertheless, in many cases, it is actually the greedy people surrounding a genuine saint who take advantage of that saint’s apathy towards worldly issues. Today, I was casually browsing over images of saints and enlightened beings and I found a very interesting page (by one indiariaz / Riaz Padamsee) on Flicker. I felt waves of bliss enthralling my existence as I sifted through those images but, like all good things, those waves subsided as soon as I saw this threat by a ‘businessman’ who claims to have an absolute control over a particular saint – who, in reality, is too absorbed in the ‘self’ to care anything about organizations and copyright issues! As a result, instead of soaking in those waves of bliss, I am now venting my anger on WordPress.

But, venting my anger is not the only thing I wanted to do. More importantly, I wanted to thank ‘indiariaz’ who has done a really commendable job by collecting those rare images at one place and also by sharing them freely for public good! What’s more – he has also posted individual biographies and small stories related to those saints in the comment section, below the images. Really, an invaluable treasure! 🙂

I would encourage everyone to go visit his page on flicker –


Swami Nityananda or Bade Baba from Ganeshpuri

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