Investigating a dream…

A few days back (on the 22nd of April, to be specific), I saw a rather ‘mysterious’ dream and it still remains a mystery, despite my constant scouring of the internet for a plausible explanation. For now, I will just write that the dream involved hearing the word ‘Chalan’ (or Chaalan), very clearly, and it also involved seeing me offering a red sari (with a golden border) to ‘Devi’ … but, interestingly,  I was offering the sari in a large pit in the ground (surrounded by many other pits).

I will write, in detail, about that dream in another post as I am still investigating the meaning of the word ‘Chalan’ and the different contexts in which that word has been used. Till now, I have found its links with

  1. Shakti – chalan (a particular Mudra related to Kundalini)
  2. Chalan – Kriya (linking it to verse 27 of ‘Chid Vilas- Sri Vidya tattva’, thereby linking it to the Akshaya Tritiya) and
  3. A particular verse in the ‘Lalitha Sahasranama’ – “Vakthra lakshmi parivaha chalan meenabha lochana”.

Today I found a post which tries to explain the meaning of that particular verse in  ‘Lalitha Sahasranama’  and interestingly that particular interpretation (by the author of that post)  indeed relates with the events (or changes in my life) that followed seeing that dream.

However, I am still waiting for the Akshaya Tritiya (on the 2nd may of this year) to pass, before I can  make any solid interpretations about my dream (as the word ‘Chalan’ has also been linked with the Chalan-Kriya, which is mentioned in a verse of ‘Srividya – tattwa’ and Sri-Vidya was made available to the world through ‘Parashurama Kalpa Sooktam’, by lord Parashurama, whose birthday has been marked to be on Akshaya-Tritya ….long trail, I know! 😛 ) .

I will wait and watch if anything significant happens around that date, before drawing any definitive conclusion about my dream (even though I think that the particular perspective associated with the word ‘Chalan’ in ‘Lalitha Sahasranama’ rhymes really well with the events and changes I have been noticing in my habits after I saw that dream).

Will write about it in a later post……


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