Killing animals for food or fun…

Baby Rhino Refuses to Sleep Alone After Witnessing His Mother’s Gruesome Death | Y!RAL.

“So many times we fail to realise that animals have emotions too, and suffer from a sense of loss when a family member, especially a parent, dies.”

“Gertjie was rescued from the wild on 7 May by staff at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) in South Africa after he was found next to his mother’s body. It was a devastating sight, as the tiny animal would not leave her side, and was crying inconsolably for her.”

Just read this post today and it left me feeling sad…

It’s not just about poaching or killing animals for fun. It goes beyond that. Sometimes I wonder if people ever stopped for a moment and questioned themselves whether that savory piece of ‘flesh’ in their plates is worth the pain and death of an innocent animal. It’s not like people would die if they became vegetarian …

Once I had an argument with my friend who protested that even plants have life and therefore even vegetarians are killing something for their food… and, to be honest, she definitely has a valid point!

However, I do feel that it’s easier for me to relate with things that I can actually see, feel, or sense in some way…

Till now, I’ve never seen a plant crying or trembling with fear and therefore (unlike my non-vegetarian friend) I cannot relate with the pain, which a plant may or may not have felt, on being uprooted or killed. So, it’s hardly a surprise, that I don’t feel guilty either when I eat my food!

On a contrasting note, almost everyone has seen an animal’s reaction to pain or fear (or at least have a knowledge that animals feel and react to pain when they are being killed for food or fun) so one must be aware that an animal could have suffered pain before its flesh was chopped off and processed to one’s plate. But still, people chose to ignore this fact while enjoying the taste of their beef burger. Why this selective apathy towards someone else’s pain?


4 thoughts on “Killing animals for food or fun…

  1. last week some undercover footage was released of 8 dairy farm workers in my city kicking cows and beating them with chains. it’s easy for people to ignore what they don’t see in front of them…but because this happened so close to home, people’s eyes (in my city) were really opened.

    the argument that humans can/should eat animals because ‘animals eat animals so it’s the natural order’ is not a valid one anymore, as we are moving into a new level of consciousness where suffering cannot be be hidden or tolerated anymore. i’m still struggling with these issues in my own life, but i know things have to change.


    1. You know, I used to think that I had a very strong heart … but in an unfortunate turn of event, I happened to see, a goat being butchered (in a Halal / Muslim way) and that actually made me nauseatic. The poor animal writhed with pain, her eyes engorged with terror, as one man held its body and closed its mouth tightly, while the other man sawed through its neck, slowly and meticulously. While I’m sure that there are methods which allow an animal to feel less pain while being butchered, the one I saw was done in a manner that ensured maximum pain and suffering to the animal.

      I couldn’t witness the entire act as I almost threw up (I was just a child at that time) but that event got registered in my mind permanently and even though it was expected from me to eat non-vegetarian food by a lot of my relatives and friends, I could never get around the idea of doing so …and I have never regretted my decision.There are simply too many tasty options in vegetarian food, for which no animal has to suffer pain or lose their life.

      These days, most people ridicule the vegetarians and call them prudish and self-righteous but in my opinion Vegetarianism is not about the ‘holier than thou’ attitude; rather, it’s about being kind, to animals, and more importantly, to oneself. If it’s true that’ what we eat is what we become’ then shouldn’t we spare ourself from those elements of pain and cruelty, that go inside our body and pysche through the slaughtered meat and flesh? and all this for what – Taste ? We have a lot of other protein options for which no animal needs to be killed!

      and the argument that humans should eat animals because animal eat animals… that’s totally ridiculous! By that logic, one should eat only fish, dogs, snakes or other carnivorous animals; why does one have to eat a goat or cow…they are herbivores and certainly don’t eat other animals?

      The simple reason is: we want TASTE;
      if the chicken didn’t tasted (half as good as they say) no amount of logic and assurance would have forced those same people to eat that thing, they so whole-heartedly recommend!

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