Deciphering the dream and the deity…

I have already written about a strange but significant dream which I saw a few days back. I have also written about the number of ways in which that dream had links with Goddess Lalita in my post Kundalini Experiences – part 8. But what’s really amazing is that, ever so often, more and more links between my dream and Goddess Lalita keep popping in my way…

Today I was reading about the meanings of the Sanskrit verses in the sacred text of Goddess Lalita – the Lalita Sahasranama, when I came across this word: ‘Chidagnikundasambhutha’ – referring to the origin of Devi Lalita.

‘Chidagnikundasambhutha’ means – Born from the Pit of the Fire of Consciousness.

FireShot Screen Capture

Source of the screen-shot:श्रीमत्-सिंहासनेश्वरी-_-3_-चिदग्नि-कुण्ड-सम्भूता-_4_-देवकार्य-समुद्यता-_5_/368255033284883?comment_id=1927980&offset=0&total_comments=3

What makes this word special for me is that in my dream, I was offering the Red Sari to the Goddess (surprisingly, Goddess Lalita is actually described as wearing a red sari in the scriptures) but I was making the offering in a pit! Yes that’s right – not in a temple, not before a statue, but in a large pit in the ground…

“In my dream, I saw myself descending, from what seemed like a raised platform or cliff, onto a ground, which had many large pits. I then proceeded to offer a red sari (a traditional women’s wear for Hindus) with a golden border and small golden floral prints, into one of those pits in that ground. Even though I was offering the sari into a pit I was actually meaning to offer that sari to the ‘Devi’ (Goddess) or ‘Shakti’.” Kundalini Experiences – part 8

…and all this while, I was wondering whether my act of offering the Red Sari in a pit (when I actually meant to offer it to the Goddess), made any sense at all!

…and boom, just like that I find the missing link ….and it totally makes a lot of sense now!

How cool is that? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Deciphering the dream and the deity…

  1. WOW! I love this dream and have just discovered your blog – I look forward to reading more. Offering a red sari is such a powerful image. It is so fascinating to stumble upon your blog now, as just a few days ago I was remembering an incredibly powerful dream I had after my own initial kundalini experiences. In the dream I am falling at the feet of the Goddess and she tells me one simple phrase….”This is your chance for liberation…” The dream still haunts me and mesmerizes me every time I think about it – it is so powerful. So wonderful to connect with you here. Blessings, Amanda

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    1. You know, the way things have been happening around me in the past few days,…it has actually made be wonder if anything is just a coincidence. Therefore, from what I gather about your dream, I feel that we might get to learn a lot from each other. Such dreams often tend to have a hidden meaning and often times their mystery unfolds spontaneously over time, as we get help & guidance from unexpected quarters (like when I found that other blog about the Goddess : serioussadhana blogspot very recently).
      …and, of course getting such a great reassurance from the Goddess herself is no ordinary thing.
      I’m so happy for your experience! …and thank you so much for your kind wishes 🙂
      looking forward to reading your experiences…


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