The clay or the pot?

Have you ever wondered that when clay is shaped into a pot, we tend to recognize it as a pot, not as clay? Even the various parts of that pot are identified by different names like – the base, body, handle, rim, etc. However, when the same pot breaks down and disintegrates, it comes to be identified as clay again.

Similarly, when ‘Shakti’ (cosmic/divine energy) manifests itself into various shapes and forms (like – the Sun, Moon, trees, mountains, oceans, humans etc), it comes to be identified as those specific shapes or forms, rather than as ‘Shakti’ itself. Nevertheless, when those same shapes and forms disintegrate then again what we are left with is the same ‘Shakti’ (energy) which manifested those shapes, in the first place.

Sometimes construction creates an illusion (MAYA) and destruction breaks that illusion…

It is interesting to note that Shakti or Devi Lalita is also known as MAHA-MAYA – the one who creates the illusion of duality, as well as, MAHA-KALI – the one who destroys the illusion of duality and it is only when the illusion of duality ( – the EGO ) is destroyed that we realize we are no different from ‘THAT’; we are ‘THAT’  (Shiva)! Hence, it is no surprise that the attainment of Shiva cannot be completed without the grace of Shakti!


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