The empty vessel makes the greatest sound




8 thoughts on “The empty vessel makes the greatest sound

  1. Wow – It’s great to see how differently people interpret the same quotes! When I posted it a few days ago, I was using it to remind myself how important it is to keep my experiences inside until I have fully integrated them, until I have become one with them, especially when those experiences reveal parts of yourself you may not want to see! and sometimes..she just won’t let us speak anyway! haha 🙂 The concept of the vessel is such a paradoxical one – Blessings on your journey!!


        1. Aurobindo once said – “the cup has to be left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it”.

          But most of us are like those vessels which are already full…full of ignorance, ego, cleverness, pride of being knowledgeable, pain, fear and sorrow etc.

          However, some of us may also be like vessels full of compassion, love, devotion, and peace.

          Now, both the types of vessels are full of something and hence, will make less sound. However, it is the ‘thing’ with which our vessel is full of that makes all the difference! Hence – “I wonder what the full vessel’s so full of?”



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