Once you have tasted flight …


once-you-have-tasted-flightWe humans are creatures of habit – once we find a certain experience pleasurable we begin to desire that experience again and again. We are ready to go any length just to get one more sip of that experience. However, once we discover something else that is more appealing, the previous experience loses its charm and we begin to pursue the newer one. This never-ending chase of desires feeds new goals and purpose in our life and thus – our desires become the fuel that keeps the fire of our life burning.

The same is true for meditative experiences also!

Once the Kundalini awakens, it provides an incessant fuel of new and unimaginable experiences that prevent meditation from becoming a boring routine. However, if we’re not careful, our meditation gets afflicted by the desire of such experiences and then we become disappointed if they don’t occur – thereby causing us to lose interest in meditation.

Nevertheless, the desire of experiences during meditation is not the only concern! Actually, it is the ability to endure such experiences that presents a much greater challenge!

… and by ‘ability to endure such experiences’ I do not refer only to the uncomfortable ones!

In my experience, after a few sets of meditation, I begin to feel as if I’m overcharged. I feel this constant heaviness and heat that is rather uncomfortable and then I have to over-feed my senses just to come back to my normal self.

It has become quite a frustrating pattern, really!

I sincerely wish to increase the duration of my meditation but I also want to enjoy it like a treat … without the hangover-like aftereffects that occur after deeper, repeated, or prolonged meditative states.



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