Once Again

It’s been quite a while that I wrote anything on this blog… not because I didn’t have anything significant to share but because I started to think that certain things were too significant to be shared publicly…

So,… I began sharing them privately! 😛

However, I’ve realized that sharing information privately has several major disadvantages!
For example:

One needs to possess a superior memory to retain massive amounts of information over long periods of time (at least, until no one gives a sh*t about that information).

Secondly, one needs to find an appropriate recipient for the information (the ones who are neither much disinterested nor too eager types)

Thirdly, one needs to take immense care to match two descriptive accounts of the same incident (because there are so many detective wannabes lurking around these days … and you never know when the other person is actually paying some attention to your blabbering).

Plus, repeating the same thing again and again is so damn boring … It’s always more easy to say – “hey! Did you check out my blog?” (Some people actually pretend to be impressed when you say that)

Keeping all these things in mind, I’ve decided that once again I’ll be reminiscing and ruminating about my experiences in this blog, hoping that it will bring my spiritual practices back on the track because, unfortunately, after having some really astounding experiences (especially after listening to Sri Lalita Sahasranama) my spiritual practices have dwindled and derailed once again!

However …since tomorrow is Maha Shivratri, I think, it would be a perfect occasion to try and get my acts together …

From tomorrow onwards, I will try to restart my meditation, along with the integration of Hanuman Kavach and Soundarya Lahari in my spiritual routine. Why Hanuman Kavach and Soundarya Lahiri is a matter of another post … and a rather lengthy one at that… so, I’ll write more about it later!

But yes, it does feel good to be writing again! 🙂




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