Walking on water dream

Last night I saw a very adventurous dream…

Initially I saw myself aboard a very huge cruise ship, along with 2 of my friends…

Later, I remember seeing myself WALKING on the ocean waters … but that was not all…. often within a distance of a few feet from me I would see a part of the body of some sea creature which seemed like a whale (at least that’s what I thought in my dream, judging by its size), emerging up from the water and then going down, very near from where I would be walking…

So, initially, while I was enjoying myself walking on the sea waters, the sight of that whale swimming around me frightened me a little and left me worrying that it could pop up from right beneath my foot also…. so, to avoid the situation, I started walking hastily towards the shore…

but near the shore I saw few people dropping something in water to attract fishes , so as to catch them… and as I reached the shore I saw hordes of long and thin fishes rushing towards the shore… so I had to quickly hop my way out of the water to avoid the commotion caused by those fishes in the water…

but then after coming out from the sea I came out of my dream also. However, I could  feel all that thrill (of walking in that ocean waters, with the whale & fishes) in my racing heart beats, for several minutes even after waking up from my dream…

So, I quickly checked one or two results for dream interpretation on the internet and they were hinting something related to spirituality and emotional balance… and that could be right because last night I was reading Shiva-Sutras by Jaidev Singh,… and I must say that it is an awesome book (along with Spanda-Karikas, which I’m also reading)….

I also got a lots of insight about the ‘Spanda’ principle in both Spanda-karikas, as well as, Shiva Sutras, which confirm the wisdom hinted in the first verse of Saundarya Lahari…

Shiva-Sutras and Spanda-Karikas may be a difficult read but are filled with immense wisdom.. a must read for anyone who wants to understand the Shiva-Shakti principle. (however, later I also intend to study the Pratyabhigyahridayam, another important book in the Kashmir Shaivism tradition).

Just wrote about this dream… because it was so damn interesting (for me at least 😉 😛 )


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