We are prisoners of our own mind


The following excerpt is taken from – “Siva Sutras – The Yoga of Supreme Identity” by Jaideva Singh.

“Reality is an eternal presence within ourselves. It is siddha, an ever-present fact, not sadhya, not something to be brought into being by our efforts. It cannot be caught by our vikalpa-jala, by the net of our thought constructs, however cleverly we may cast it. The more we try to catch it, the more we try to grasp it, the more does it recede from us. We are prisoners of our own mind. Thought has to commit suicide in order to know our real Self, the Siva within ourselves. Vikalpa, the dichotomizing activity of our mind has to cease, the wheel of imagination has to stop. The ghost of our discursive intellect has to be laid to rest, before we are allowed to realize our essential Self. Vikalpa ‘like a dome of colored class stains the white radiance of eternity’. When vikalpa ceases, the transcendental Self within us shines of itself. It is an experience in which the distinction of seer, seen and sight is completely annulled.”

“When the mind neither accepts nor rejects any idea, its activity ceases and one abides in one’s essential reality.”


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