Saundarya Lahari, Samayachara, and Manipura Chakra

I’ve just now found some interesting pieces of information that seem to offer an intriguing perspective on my spiritual/Kundalini experiences. However, at the moment, I’m just going to write a very short post about them, with intent of keeping an eye on that subject for further revelations….

So…. as I mentioned in my previous posts, I have been reading and trying to understand Saundarya Lahari and there are certain verses in that book that are contradictory to the widespread knowledge about the sequence of chakras. For example the verse 9 of Saundarya Lahari where the sequence/elements of Swadhisthana chakra and the Manipura Chakra seems to be reverse of what is generally known and practiced.

Research on that contradiction (sequence of chakras) lead me to a masterpiece commentary on Saundarya Lahari written by Swami Vishnu Tirtha Ji Maharaj (a self-realized guru and also a well-known authority on Kundalini & Shaktipat), which further led me to do some more (casual) reading on Samayachara (a path of Tantra, which seems to be given more preference in the Saundarya Lahari).

Following are a few screenshots from a book (on Samayachara ) where I found some useful information/insights about some of my previous Kundalini experiences –





Right now I don’t know what’s true and what’s not …..but one thing is certain! – The topic of saundarya lahari, Samayachara (and its avoidance of the lowest two chakras) seems to go well in accordance with my own experiences of Kundalini and its awakening – as mentioned in my previous posts – Kundalini experiences part 3, Kundalini experience part 4, as well as Kundalini experiences – the initiation.



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