It’s about Dreams Again

I have already mentioned about a similar dream in one of my earlier posts but I thought that it was just a ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of thing but now such dreams have become a routine rather than a rarity.

For the last 10-15 days or so, even if I sleep for 4-5 hours, when I wake up from sleep, I remember spending at least 2 days and nights in a dream (or dreams) within those few hours of sleep. Sometimes I even spend like 4 consecutive days & nights in a single night’s dream/dreams.

Another fact that stands out is that in almost all these dreams I see my childhood or teenage years. I even see those friends and acquaintances who I thought I had already forgotten. If someone were to mention their names a few days back I would have asked “who?” but in my dreams I not only remembered their names and faces but also their specific traits/habits.

Sometimes I even see dreams where I wake from a dream and tell others about the dream that I saw last night (while still being in a dream) and then go about spending another few more days & nights in the same dream (or other dreams in the same night – not sure about that). It’s like my subconscious is trying to find or remind me of something from my earlier years … but, in at least one of those dreams, I seemed to know that it’s just a dream (lucid dreaming).

Whatever it is, I have ignored it for long but now I really have to dig into the reasons…cos it’s kinda bothering me now!


12 thoughts on “It’s about Dreams Again

  1. Hello. Wondering if you have any plans of continuing this blog? It has been a very useful and inspiring read. I’d be curious to know what goes into the continuity of your practice. How do you keep a regular practice going?

    I suppose that last question could be rephrased: has it come easy to you to keep up an uninterrupted practice, no matter what? I ask because I have trouble on that count, despite the fact that the only thing I really want, is God.


    1. Unfortunately my practices have come to a halt…at around the same time I last posted on this blog…

      You asked me whether it’s been easy to keep up an uninterrupted practice…and all I can say is that it’s not at all easy…infact it has been most difficult for me. Whenever my practices become regular then all of a sudden a storm of personal problems would come and try to blow me away from the path… I fought and resisted, as much as I could …but ultimately gave up.

      now I cannot even gather enough courage to restart my practices… I’ve realized that I’m not as strong as I thought I was… so I will restart my practices only when I think I have nothing to lose….

      Wishing you all the best for your goals…


      1. Hm, yes, that is something I too encounter- the pushback-sometimes savage, sometimes less so-following some regularity in practice. I haven’t come across a satisfactory explanation of the reason behind it, other than a general one that the ego/maya/etc resists our attempts to reach God. The caged bird is reluctant to fly out of the unocked cage etc etc. I notice a difference between this ‘pushback’ and the nature of greater trials that sadhana unfolds for one (which is a gift, really…), but am still trying to understand it. And in the meantime-I’m employing a fresh strategy for a month, focusing on regularity by sacrificing length and technique. They say it takes 3 weeks to establish a routine…

        Don’t be discouraged 🙂 You have a Guru who awakened you rather spectacularly. He is in charge.

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        1. Thank you for your encouraging words….

          actually there can be two perspectives on how people see such things. One which is easier to think is that these hurdles are taking the test of your determination and trying to knock you off your path. The other perspective, which is a bit difficult to have when you are swamped with problems is that your path and practices are actually saving you from the extreme effects of your karma, which would definitely strike you, at their destined times, irrespective of whether or not u are doing regular practices. however, one of the benefit of spiritual practices might be that they could act as a cushion to lessen the impact of karma, while you still have to suffer its fruits.

          Nevertheless, I have noticed that such troubles start or increase in their intensity & occurrence only when my practices are going strong and regular…. so I’m a bit confused as to which perspective to have and believe in.

          Many doubts have crept in my mind …. and I wasn’t even sincere in following the instructions of reciting Saundarya Lahiri and Hanuman Kavach during those times….so that was sheer negligence and laziness on my part…. but now that I’m recovering and my time is not so bad , I’m kinda afraid that – what if restarting my practices again triggered those tests and trials… I don’t want to go through that phase once again


          1. I understand and empathise. Fortunately for us, you, me, all sincere practitioners of any sadhana, the reins of the practice are held by the Guru. When the time is right, whether we consciously plan it or not, we begin again.

            I had read a wonderfully inspiring series of posts by a practitioner from my path on a few forums last year. He was looking for some information, and in the process spoke of bits of his spiritual practice history. It was one of those rare accounts which rang true and deep, and was coming out of his own experiences as opposed to theories and hearsay-which is what a lot of forum posters otherwise expound. One of the most powerful takeaways for me from his posts was that there was a gap of 40 years in his practice. 40 years! The Guru (who physically passed away towards the end of the 19th century) started it again. Gave him the nudge, so to speak, in a manner that could not be ignored.

            I stopped fearing gaps in my practice since then, though my focus is still to bring in some form of regularity.

            Best wishes to you! And thank you again for documenting your experiences. It will help so many others, like me.

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            1. I’m glad that you found my posts useful…and I’m also curious about the posts of that person you mentioned in your reply. so, if you don’t mind sharing those links with me, I would very much like to read about his experiences…. Thank you 🙂


              1. I haven’t been able to locate that specific thread, after my first few reads, unfortunately. I spent some time googling again, and the closest to the original thread was this-


                (Feb 2013, poster name ‘Seeking’)

                He briefly recounts how his Guru reached him again, but the original thread was much more powerful. It went from his boyhood experiences to first learning certain techniques, not feeling properly authorised to do them and therefore not practicing for 20 years (not 40, it was 20; my mistake.).

                This gentleman used three names: first ‘Seeking’, then ‘Kriyawit’ and lastly (I think that was the sequence) ‘ExperientialKnowing. He posted on, and the now dead That complicates the search a bit!

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              2. Well, wordpress just swallowed my comment. I will re-type.

                I had not saved the posts by this person; it hadn’t felt like the thing to do. And I haven’t been able to locate them after the initial read. Found one instance of him touching upon it-


                (The name of the poster is ‘Seeking’. Also, I was mistaken in my memory, it was 20 years, not 40, of being ‘divorced’ from his practice).

                The search is complicated by the fact that the gentleman used three names at three stages- Seeking, Kriyawit and ExperientialKnowing. He also posted across, and the now defunct forums.

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                1. Thank you so much for the link. I will check those posts. I think I have visited the and the a few times before…and I remember reading some interesting discussions there on Khechari mudra, bandhas, Kundalini etc. Might give those sites another visit soon …. Thank you once again 🙂


  2. That’s really interesting, these kind of dream never happened to me 🙂 but I used to have lucid dreams, lately I have been trying to have lucid dreams more often because they are amazing xD did you ever had lucid dream? 🙂


    1. Yes I did have at least one lucid dream that I remember (because I wrote about it in this blog)…but another interesting thing that I experienced was that, in one case I saw a dream then woke up and told some other person about the dream that I saw and then later on woke up again to realize that I was sharingthe memory of a dream in yet another dream… lol .. it was really weird but funny, at the same time 😀

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