It’s about Dreams Again

I have already mentioned about a similar dream in one of my earlier posts but I thought that it was just a ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of thing but now such dreams have become a routine rather than a rarity.

For the last 10-15 days or so, even if I sleep for 4-5 hours, when I wake up from sleep, I remember spending at least 2 days and nights in a dream (or dreams) within those few hours of sleep. Sometimes I even spend like 4 consecutive days & nights in a single night’s dream/dreams.

Another fact that stands out is that in almost all these dreams I see my childhood or teenage years. I even see those friends and acquaintances who I thought I had already forgotten. If someone were to mention their names a few days back I would have asked “who?” but in my dreams I not only remembered their names and faces but also their specific traits/habits.

Sometimes I even see dreams where I wake from a dream and tell others about the dream that I saw last night (while still being in a dream) and then go about spending another few more days & nights in the same dream (or other dreams in the same night – not sure about that). It’s like my subconscious is trying to find or remind me of something from my earlier years … but, in at least one of those dreams, I seemed to know that it’s just a dream (lucid dreaming).

Whatever it is, I have ignored it for long but now I really have to dig into the reasons…cos it’s kinda bothering me now!


2 thoughts on “It’s about Dreams Again

  1. That’s really interesting, these kind of dream never happened to me 🙂 but I used to have lucid dreams, lately I have been trying to have lucid dreams more often because they are amazing xD did you ever had lucid dream? 🙂


    1. Yes I did have at least one lucid dream that I remember (because I wrote about it in this blog)…but another interesting thing that I experienced was that, in one case I saw a dream then woke up and told some other person about the dream that I saw and then later on woke up again to realize that I was sharingthe memory of a dream in yet another dream… lol .. it was really weird but funny, at the same time 😀

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