“Tell me something about yourself”. This seems such a simple question and yet I have struggled with it on my resume, during interviews, and even while starting a blog. I can’t just say –  “I am the same consciousness that created this world”, can I? If I do so, I would be more likely to get the phone number of a shrink than getting an appointment letter for a job 😛 .

What I’m really expected to do is to frame my answer using one/ more of such sentences like –

  • I am a man/ I am a woman
  • I am a Doctor/ I am an engineer
  • I am sentimental/ I am practical

and so on and so forth….

The fact is – we have been conditioned to think about ourselves in terms of characteristics that can be seen, understood, felt, or easily defined/described… and there is nothing really wrong about that! After all, inner self is not something that anyone has seen or something which can be defined; rather it’s something which you have to experience, …like the taste of sugar.

You may have never tasted anything sweet (which is rather improbable) but even when you have, you can’t really describe sweetness… can you? Still, it doesn’t mean sweetness doesn’t exist. When you do experience sweetness you can easily associate its presence/absence within certain objects. The same goes with the ‘inner self’, except that it resides within each one of us. Yet very few have experienced it, and therefore, very few are able to associate themselves or others with it (because experiencing the inner self or soul requires a kind of consciousness which is different from the wakeful, sleeping, or dreaming states).

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those lucky ones who have experienced their ‘inner selves’. I am just an ordinary person who has discovered the fascinating world of meditation and the wonderful experiences that come along with it. When I started meditation I was lucky enough to have the support of a few spiritually inclined friends who helped clear my way by removing doubts and fears and also by providing me answers to questions which were critical to my journey. Over time, I lost both from my life – those friends as well as the element of spirituality.

They say that you appreciate light only when you have been in dark. At this point, I am trying to put myself back on the path which gave me true happiness. I had been advised to keep a journal of my spiritual experiences and I did keep one but destroyed it during an unfortunate episode of family melodrama, over my spiritual pursuits. Anyways, I will be trying to compile my spiritual and other life experiences, among other things, in this blog (not necessarily in the same order as they occurred).  In doing so, I hope to revive my own momentum, as well as, motivate anyone who is on a similar path (provided I can do so).



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  1. I really enjoyed your site, you seem to have a broad knowledge. I was wondering if you could shed light on my experience, I don’t have a guru but one came to me in a dream and lead me to a large white room full of children and guided me to an old lady who told me that fear was holding me back. Below is an outline of when my experiences began : At the time of my fathers death (about 1hour after) I had a kundalini awakening in the hospital car park of all places. I was very distressed just before it happened and I felt it as a overwhelming joyful feeling, it rose in me and I felt unbelievable contentment/joy and this lasted for about 4 days. I wanted and did do very long bush walks, I just wanted to be in nature and everything seemed richer and brighter. At the time I thought my fathers spirit had passed through me, but seven months ago I went to a kundalini class (thinking I was just regular yoga/stretching!) and on the second class I had a far more dramatic kundalini awakening whilst in deep relaxation. I felt it burst from my abdomen and I felt the same most beautiful feeling again, I could control this energy and when it emerged I felt myself in this life disappear, I felt like I was merging with this infinite beauty and loosing myself so I stopped it and had the thought that you must come back now and I did. Since this has happened my whole life has altered, I eat different, phobias and worries no longer exist and everyone around me says I’m so chilled and so different. I realise now that at the moment of my fathers death I had a kundalini awakening, i now do kundalini yoga for 1 1/2hrs Each day and regularly attend classes. I am continuing to have many experiences which I would love to discuss with someone knowledgable. Thanks so much 🙂

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    1. Oh, I’m really just a beginner… 🙂
      In fact, I believe that theoretical knowledge plays a much smaller part compared to knowledge gained through personal experience, at least, where Kundalini awakening is concerned…
      and the best part is the diverse range of such experiences….from fearsome to blissful and anything in between…
      You seem to have had a really mystical experience… a tragic event leading to a spontaneous awakening…and who knows, you might actually come across that person or the old lady you saw in your dream…or may be you could see their photos sometime later in your life…
      It is said that the relationship between a guru and a disciple lasts beyond a single lifetime (that is – if you believe in an afterlife and rebirth)…and sometimes people who left their spiritual journey incomplete in their previous lifetime (due to premature death or any other circumstances like fear or deviation from the spiritual path) are again contacted by their Guru of previous lifetime to resume their journey where they left off…This contact can happen in dream, meditation, or even in person…
      I’m glad to know that you are practicing Kundalini yoga and that its effects are already becoming evident…however, I do wish I could meditate for as long as you do…there have been only a couple of times that I could meditate for 1.5 hours but afterwards I felt a lot of discomfort (mainly heaviness and heat, and a trance like state where I almost became like a slow moving zombie from older movies 😉 )… may be a regular practice would help ease that situation…
      Anyways, even though I’m not a very knowledgeable person in matters of Kundalini awakening and ascension, I can still suggest that you visit : http://mysticaltidbits.wordpress.com and contact Durga Ma with your spiritual queries. From whatever little interaction I’ve had with her, I can safely say that she is extremely knowledgeable in such matters and her knowledge has got a firm backing of her personal experiences too…
      However, I would be happy to know more about your experiences and if you wish to discuss them with me then you are more than welcome to contact me at – sohumm26@gmail.com

      Best regards


    1. Thank You Too Ann…!
      It’s so rare to find a person who has managed to keep the child within alive. When I read your poems I see that child, and it feels so good! 🙂 Thank you, once again for being who you are 🙂


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